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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Khatte Jimikand

Ya, I know I haven't been that regular in posting new recipes. But can't help it. My kids have just took over my life. But still I haven't been that irregular, right?.

Well the other day I was viewing trupti's new post and saw the list of what she craves to make and saw the name Khatte Jimikind and besanwali puri. So instantly clicked on that and came across musicals blog. Now once I saw the picture of it, I had to make it because it looked fantabulously good. So here it is. I just followed musicals recipe.
As she mentioned about using Jimikand they were
sweet potatoes, they are called
yams in the US.
I also used sweet potatoes as I had them on hand.

Here is the link to Musicalskitchen recipe for Khatte Jimikand


musical said...

Thank you, dear! Its such a heartwarming feeling to see that i did share something across this blogosphere.....

trupti said...

That DOES look awesome!