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Friday, June 29, 2007

Fresh Fruit Satay with Pina Colada dip

Come summer and I start looking for variety of fruits. I love all summer fruits or tropical fruits.

So many variety of fruits you get in summer, like melons, all kinds of berries, nectarines, peaches, plums, mangoes, cantaloupes etc. And all the summer fruits are truly refreshing and cooling.

It is very true that you should eat what is in season.
So here is my fresh fruit satay (a visual treat) with my sour cream pinacolada dip.
I call this satay because I have skewered the fruits on stick.
You can use any fruit you like.
I used combination of mangoes with strawberries and grapes with cantaloupe.

1 mango, 10 strawberries, half cantaloupe and 1 cup of grapes.

Just cut the fruit into bite size pieces and skewer them on wooden skewers or plastic skewers.
I wouldn't suggest metal skewers because fruits have some tartness and maybe sometimes the acid in the fruit reacts with the metal and give out an unpleasant taste.
For the dip I used Pineapple powder that I got from India (I think it's the pineapple juice that is freeze dried) and instead of fresh coconut I used the cream of coconut. It is a transparent creamy paste with coconut flavor and much better than the coconut milk. You get it ready made in a can now. Don't confuse it with coconut milk, it says cream of coconut. And the can has to be dipped in hot water before you use it as the cream solidifies when you don't use it, same as coconut oil. And since the cream of coconut is sweet, you won't be needing any sugar for your dip.

If you don't have the above things, you can use crushed can pineapple and freshly grated coconut.
Now for the PinaColada dip:
1/2 cup sour cream ( you can use low-fat or non-fat version)
4 tbsp yogurt ( low-fat or non-fat whichever you prefer)
4 tbsp pineapple powder or (8 oz of crushed pineapple from can)
3 tbsp of cream of coconut or 4 tbsp freshly grated coconut

Mix well till everything incorporates. Chill and then drizzle over the fruit and serve.


bee said...

pineapple juice powder? that's new. love your presentation.

Suganya said...

Never heard of pineapple powder. What is cream of coconut? Is it the coconut paste or milk? Lovely spread, BTW.

Cynthia said...

This is a fantastic idea! I've bookmarked it to make when entertaining.

Thanks for your lovely comments left on my blog. It is a pleasure to discover yours.

I've added you to my feeds.

trupti said...

wow, wow! what a treat..you're right, dips maney bahuj bhave! Koini party maa hun sauthi pehla dips shodhu!!!



Kajal said...

WOW....Great dish.....Plz send me my dear. My mouth is watering :))))