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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chana Daal Khaman with Methi leaves

When I think about eating snack, I love fried stuff, but what if you want to stay away from all that oil and calories. Well my list of options include, steamed muthias, chilas, dhokla, or khaman, because it's not fried, so less calories and it's healthy.

This is the recipe with Methi leaves. The recipe is the same as chana dal khaman from my earlier post. Click here for the recipe.

You add the chopped Methi leaves to the batter before you add the baking soda and then steam the khaman and do the tempering with the same ingredients mentioned in my earlier chana daal khaman post.

So simple and delicious!

I was asked by Burekaboy of Is that my bureka about what's the difference between Khaman and Dhokla.
Well Khaman are always made with either Besan or any of the Daals soaked, ground, femented and then steamed.
Where as Dhokla is always made with equal parts of Rice and Daal, soaked and ground together and fermented and then steamed.
So that is the basic difference.


trupti said...

ekdam saras fulya che! Methi no swad ketlo saras avto hashe, I liked this one!


Asha said...

You are right! Snack always means fried to most of us and not good for us at all!Once in a while,it's okay.
Dhoklas are healthy and looks great there Foodie.Methi leaves adds to the flavor:))

bee said...

love all your recipes, pintoo. have bookmarked this. i make khaman with chana dal and ice. will try the one chana dal version. sadly, nothing ferments where i live.

musical said...

LOvely recipe, Pintoo. will try this.

oh! btw, i saw your comment on jimikand post today (sorry.....its i missed it before) and you wondered if i confused jimikand (yam) and sweet potatoes. No, i didn't :). i had no real yams available, so i used sweet potatoes instead:I did indicate this in my post that the real yam is called Amorphophallus! or jimikand. Since its not available here, i duplicated the recipe with sweet potatoes! I did say that both purple (ratalu) and white yams are called jimikand in Punjabi. sweet potatoes called shakarkand in Punjabi.

Cynthia said...

And this looks very filling too. Thanks for the explanation of the difference.

Kajal said...

WOW...Looks delicious my dear....this is my snack time and I see your great recipe....plz send me....

Rachna said...

chana dal dhokla, never heard of that, u have very unique recipes here