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Monday, July 30, 2007

Pickled Watermelon Scallion Salad

This is going to the A Fruit A Month (AFAM) - July, hosted by Jugalbandi and originated by Maheshwari of Beyond the usual.

I know this is too late but I am sending this any way. Well the inspiration for the recipe came from here.

I made the recipe with few changes.

I used the regular vinegar as I did not have rice wine vinegar.
And I did not use Mirin, I think red wine would work just well.
I did not use the red wine either

And I also did not use the toasted sesame oil, as the flavor is too intense, I don't like it.
I used the olive oil instead, you can use the regular sesame oil, I think that would work too.
All the other ingredients are the same.


Asha said...

Looks cool! Literally!:))
I have a HUGE Watermelon at home and whatever recipe with it would be welcome right now!:D

Poonam said...

I agree with Asha. Looks really COOOL!

sra said...

That's such a lovely-looking salad! How did the scallions and watermelon pair up?

Tee said...

I don't want to copy the comments of Asha & Poonam...but the only thing that comes to my mind after looking at this salad is 'COOL'! :)Great entry!

bhags said...

Thats a nice one...pic looks lovely

Rachna said...

scallion is spring onion rite? paired with watermelon??