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Thursday, August 9, 2007

What Happens When Your Cholesterol Goes Too Low?

Below is the link to good articles that I found at Mercola.com

Hope you will find it interesting.

What Happens When Your Cholesterol Goes Too Low?

Gardasil Reactions and Deaths on the Rise

Is Tea a Powerful Health Tonic?

10 Things Your Restaurant Won't Tell You


Nupur said...

I have not read the links: but have not thought that "low cholesterol" really is a big problem because the body can synthesize its own cholesterol (via a very elaborate and beautiful pathway involving many cool enzymes). Of course, there may be some rare metabolic diseases where cholesterol biogenesis is affected...I am talking about the vast majority of the population who has the system in place.

Foodie said...

Nupur, I think this article discusses the low cholesterol as a result of taking the drug called "Statin" and may be other side effects. I have no opinion or idea on what happens if the cholesterol gets low without taking drugs.

Asha said...

Good question.I have to ask Arvind when he comes home about that.There are two kinds of cholesterol,one is very bad for heart and other is a symptom of what's coming.