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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Peach Salsa

Some how I have always loved the tropical fruits. Be it Mango, pineapple, coconut, lemon, lime etc. That is why I have this recipe here for you. It's not a tropical fruit, but it has the flavor of it.

This is a real summer salad. Ya you can also call it a salad because of the combination of ingredients. It's cooling, refreshing and satisfying. The flavors are complex, but you will love it.

Peach Salsa

2 peaches, peeled and chopped, 1/2 cup peeled, chopped cucumber, 1 tomato chopped, 1 Tbsp. chopped fresh mint, salt to taste, 1 jalapeno chopped, 1 tbsp chopped cilantro, small red onion minced, 1 Tbsp. lime juice.

Combine all ingredients in medium bowl and stir to blend. Cover and chill 1-2 hours to blend flavors. Serve as a dip with tortilla chips, or serve with grilled meats .


Coffee said...

That looks fabulous!!! Have tasted variety of salsa's but this one is truely a novel idea!! :)

Foodie said...

Thanks coffee. I love to experiment flavors. I will be posting another variety with peach and avocado.

Suganya said...

Salsa is so versatile - Tomatoes, pineapple, persimmon, now peach. Love yr combo :)

trupti said...

I Love fruit in salsas....they add such an interesting flavor in it! I like Pineapples in my salsa too!

Good one!

Richa said...

beautiful combo, looks yum! good to know peach pairs well with onion, will try it soon :)

Asha said...

Looks so refreshing and I can imagine the yummy taste.I like Summer salads too.Peach Salsa rocks.Enjoy:))

Foodie said...

Thanks all for your great comments.
We all have been so bombarded witht the typical tomato salsa with very little variation that we can't think above it.
The salsa that you get in bottle and at the restaurants are not even close to the authentic mexican salsas. They lack the basic requirement freshness.
Some restaurants do serve Pico De Gallo, which is a good change to the bottled version. All these salsas come into the pico de gallo category as all the ingredients are cut in chunks and not pureed.
And it's all fresh.
"Salsa" just means "sauce", any sauce. "Pico de gallo" is the specific recipe of fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapenos,limejuice, cilantro and salt. Nowadays people tweak with original recipes with cucumber,mango, peach, jicama, pineapple, watermelon etc.(As in all pico de gallo is salsa but not all salsa is pico de gallo). Though some folks will also maintain that a "salsa" is by definition cooked.