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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mango Mania

I had good amount of mangoes on hand so I tried this two accompaniments which goes well with any Indian meal.

One is Trupti's version of Mango, Ginger, Garlic pickle and the other one is Mango-Onion Kachumber (relish).

I just followed Trupti's recipe for the pickle.

For Trupti's version follow this link

For the Kachumber (relish)

1 medium raw mango grated
1 medium red onion chopped finely or grated
1 tsp jeera powder
chili powder to taste
salt to taste
jaggery or sugar to taste

Combine everything together and set it aside for half an hour. Let the flavors come together and then serve with your usual meals.

Red onion gives a distinct flavor to this kachumber, which yellow onion doesn't, I think.
And also try to use jaggery which gives a nice balance of taste rather than sugar. And I used semi-ripe mango which naturally has sweet-sour taste.


Asha said...

Relish looks interesting with red onions.I love it,will try!:)

trupti said...

Both look good....pickle's colors are lovely!
you should email Indira or Mathy and add your blog to food blog desam so I and everyone can keep up with your posts...


have a good weekend!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Yummy! I have been finding so many wonderful ways to use mangos these days! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great creative recipe...have to try it...thanks for visiting my blog...